DASA Property Interest 

The Downtown Austin Space Activation (DASA) Program is designed to breathe new life into vacant or underutilized spaces downtown. By partnering with property owners, local businesses, and community stakeholders, this program seeks to create dynamic spaces that not only attract foot traffic but also stimulate economic activity, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of downtown, and providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and creativity to flourish.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Downtown Austin Space Activation (DASA) Program to revitalize vacant or underutilized spaces downtown. By collaborating with property owners like you, local businesses, and community stakeholders, we aim to create vibrant hubs of activity that contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of downtown Austin, while supporting the flourishing of local artists.

Why Partner?

Community Impact

Directly contribute to the vibrancy of downtown.Your generosity creates a more inviting environment that benefits residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

Social Responsibility

Support initiatives that strengthen your community. Your donation will contribute to the social fabric and sense of belonging in our downtown.

Publicity and Recognition

Your generosity will be publicly acknowledged through various channels, including our website, social media platforms, press releases, and signage.

Be a Trusted Champion

We will work directly with you to activate the space, highlight your participation, and drive foot traffic to the space. We facilitate all aspects of the partnership to ensure positive outcomes.

Support for Entrepreneurs

The program provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses to test new ideas, build customer relationships, and grow their ventures, strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and fostering



Vibrant storefront and public space activations create attractive and welcoming public spaces that encourage social interaction, cultural exchange, and civic engagement, fostering a stronger sense of community identity and pride.

Urban Revitalization

Revitalized storefronts and commercial districts contribute to the physical and social rejuvenation of downtown Austin, making it a more desirable place to work, visit, live, and invest.

Improved Perceptions of Safety

Public space activation contributes to improved perceptions of safety by increasing visibility, fostering social cohesion, creating positive atmospheres through programming and events, and enhancing design and maintenance standards. As a result, people feel more comfortable and secure utilizing public spaces, leading to a greater sense of safety and well-being in the community as a whole.

Economic Impact

Increased foot traffic and sales for local businesses, job creation, and enhanced property occupancy and values contribute to a more resilient and prosperous local economy.

Please fill out the following form to express your interest in participating in the DASA Program:

DASA Community Activator

The Downtown Austin Space Activation (DASA) Program is designed to breathe new life into vacant or underutilized spaces downtown. By partnering with property owners, local businesses, and community stakeholders, this program seeks to create dynamic spaces that not only attract foot traffic but also stimulate economic activity, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of downtown, and providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and creativity to flourish.

Activation programming typically refers to the planning, coordination, and execution of a series of events, initiatives, or campaigns designed to engage, excite, or "activate" a specific audience or community.

The emphasis is on fostering interaction, creativity, and connection among participants utilizing our DASA program. Whether it's themed exhibitions, live performances, hands-on workshops, or community gatherings, activations programming seeks to enliven public spaces, generate buzz, and leave a lasting impact on both individuals and the community as a whole.

DASA Objectives 

Revitalize Downtown

Transform vacant storefronts into vibrant hubs. Revitalize commercial corridors and main streets.

Support Local Businesses

Provide affordable and flexible spaces for entrepreneurs, artisans, and small businesses to showcase their offerings. Help them establish a presence and grow customer bases.

Catalyze Economic Growth

Stimulate spending and investment in our local economy. Attract patrons to explore an array of downtown spaces.

Foster Community Engagement

Create gathering spaces. Promote social interaction, cultural exchanges, and civic pride. Strengthen a sense of belonging and connection.

Proposal for community programming. A complete proposal will include:

  1. A clear description of your workshop/class/program concept
  2. Tentative run of show
  3. A description of how your program aligns with the DASA objectives

Space Specifics

  • Central space Downtown
  • indoor & outdoor spaces 
  • Capacity between 200-3,000
  • Multi-use spaces 
  • Bathroom and water access

Fee structure

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Activator:    $250 per day + Refundable $150 Deposit 

For-Profit Activator:                 $350 per day + Refundable $150 Deposit  

***If you are a for-profit or non-profit organization that makes over $250,000 annually with proof of 990 forms you are subject to rate adjustments***


Site visits are available for all locations upon request

506 Congress Ave 

 2,000 sq ft

Capacity- up to 150 

506 Congress 

506 Congress 

506 Congress 


506 Congress 


Central Presbyterian Church 

200 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701

Sanctuary capacity- 350

Beer and wine are permitted

Central Presbyterian church sanctuary  

Central Presbyterian church  

Central Presbyterian church  

Other locations available for activation

The Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation either manages or is directly in contact with the management of the following areas. These areas are available for activation pending approval.

  1. Old Bakery Emporium 
  2. 301 Congress Porch 
  3. Republic Square  (Republic Square is subject to its own guidelines and separate applications for rentals. Please refer to the Event Guide for more information.)






While the deadline for committee applications for 2023-2024 has passed, we are always accepting applications for future service. Seats are limited but applications will be kept on file for two years and will be the starting point for filling future committee vacancies.


Be The Change You Want To See in Downtown

Are you looking for a way to use your expertise to make downtown Austin an even better place? The Downtown Austin Alliance is seeking volunteers to join our working committees. These committees advance the community’s vision for downtown by supporting our strategic plan priorities. The mission of the Downtown Austin Alliance is to create, preserve and enhance the vibe, vitality and value of downtown Austin for everyone. Dedicated to downtown, our team of staff and volunteers is led by our six core values. These are our commitments to how we approach working toward our mission in everything we do: 

  • Lead with Relentless Vision 
  • Earn Trust 
  • Inspire Passion 
  • Foster Collaboration 
  • Mindfully Impact 
  • Cultivate Inclusivity

We opened our committees to community applications this year because we know we cannot achieve our goals alone. If selected, you may participate in committee work to keep downtown safe and welcoming to everyone, spearhead new downtown murals, make public policy recommendations to our board of directors, or create innovative and engaging ways to activate our parks and public spaces. Each of our committees will be composed of Downtown Austin Alliance board members and community members. We are looking for volunteers to serve on these four committees: 


Mobility Committee

  • Five-Year Goal: Downtown is easier and more enjoyable to access and move within, has enhanced pedestrian and transportation facilities, and improved connections to neighboring communities. 
  • Focus: This year, the Mobility Committee’s priorities include the City of Austin CoreTransportation Plan, a subsidized parking program for venues and service employees, and regional and downtown best practices for construction mitigation, among other issues and projects
  • Needs: We are seeking experts in mobility user access and experience, multi-modal transportation, local/state/federal advocacy, parking, construction mitigation, and the mobility needs of downtown employees, tourists, and residents. 

Built Environment Committee –  

  • Five-Year Goal: Downtown grows with a delightful and eclectic mix of modern investment and beautiful public spaces while preserving historic character and funky weirdness. 
  • Focus: This year, the Built Environment Committee will work on an attainable housing event, development codes and policies, an implementation strategy for the Palm District Plan, the historic entertainment district (centered around E. 6th), and policies to enhance cultural and historic preservation, among other issues and projects. 
  • Needs: We are seeking experts in public-private partnerships; architecture and urban design; urban housing; preservation; and downtown development, construction, and the land development code. 

Public Space Experience Committee – 

  • Five-Year Goal: Downtown is clean, safe, and welcoming for everyone. 
  • Focus: This year, the Public Space Experience Committee will work on a plan for improved social services delivery, scoping a maintenance service request app, increasing shelter beds, a  private camera interface with the Austin Police Department (APD), a night-time crime reduction pilot program, and a mural at Old Bakery, among other issues and projects.     
  • Needs: We are seeking experts in homelessness, social service delivery, hospitality, public safety (especially night-time safety), social service systems, beautification, and activation of public spaces as a strategy to enhance perceptions of safety. 

Active Urbanism Committee – 

  • Five-Year Goal: Downtown ignites, attracts, and cultivates authentic arts, culture, music, nature, and sense of place. 
  • Focus: This year, the Active Urbanism Committee will work on a catalog of public spaces for activation, the Our Future 35 Cap and Stitch program, storefront activation, physical improvements at Republic Square, assessment of a possible partnership agreement for Old Bakery, our Writing on the Walls mural program, Musicians Activating Spaces, and scoping a flagship artist event, among other issues and projects. 
  • Needs: We are seeking artists and creatives, landscape architects, and experts in parks and plazas, participatory engagement, heritage and history, public art, music, retail, placemaking, and storytelling. 

The Details 

  • We encourage Downtown Austin Alliance members and non-members to apply. We do not require membership for committee service. 
  • If selected, we ask for a commitment to regular attendance, preparation and participation in committee meetings and projects. 
  • Committees meet roughly every other month for 1.5 hours, though they may meet more or less frequently as needed. Committee members may be encouraged or invited to read, explore, or attend additional events to enhance their familiarity with key issues. 
  • Committees are advisory to the Downtown Austin Alliance Board of Directors. 
  • Committee terms are from September/October 2023 to April 2025. 

To maximize committee effectiveness, our committees are small and active; we have limited opportunities to serve and may not be able to accept all who apply. The Downtown Austin Alliance values inclusivity and is committed to a culture of engagement that operates with consideration and respect for all. Therefore, we encourage Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian applicants, women and applicants from other underrepresented or underserved communities to apply. 

The Downtown Austin Alliance is currently accepting ongoing applications for Food Trucks

Whether you’re an established artist looking to showcase your latest work or an up-and-coming talent, this general call for artists provides a dynamic platform to share your creativity! Unlike a traditional call for artists, this platform was created to help artists and creative individuals submit ideas at times most convenient for them and on an ongoing basis without specific project or deadline requirements. Downtown Austin’s Writing on the Walls program curates and launches larger-than-life public artworks that bring people together from all different organizations and areas in the city to uplift the creative community.

What: The Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation is accepting applications for our ongoing ARTBOX program which is a part of the Writing on the Wall initiative. The ARTBOX program will enhance utility electric boxes with inspired artwork by the selected artist.

Who: The Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation will work with an artist selection panel comprised of community leaders, arts and culture advocates, creatives, and residents in proximity of the ARTBOX to select an artist, approve the design, manage and oversee the execution, installation, and maintenance of the ARTBOX.

Why: The ARTBOX Program will create vibrancy downtown, a platform for local artists to showcase their talents, and bring light to the history and culture of the area

Timing: Rolling Basis


Event Information

Join the Downtown Austin Alliance on Saturday, December 7th from 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM as we celebrate our 30th year of bringing holiday cheer downtown with our Holiday Stroll! A tradition since 1994, Holiday Stroll signifies the official beginning of the holiday season in downtown Austin. Celebrations include the lighting of the Capitol tree, a family-friendly festival along Congress Ave. and the KUT/KUTX Sing-Along at the Capitol. The night will feature live music, interactive art activations, local food and artisan vendors (like yourself!) and a visit from Santa. This annual event is free, open to the public, offering free and fun activities for the family of all ages. 


Application Deadline

The final deadline to apply to be a vendor at Holiday Stroll is Thursday, August 1st at midnight.

  • Vendors shall be qualified, licensed and insured as may be required. 
  • All vendors must have a Sales Tax Permit and any applicable city and state mobile food permit.
  • Vendors shall comply with any event regulations.
  • No smoking will be permitted in the event footprint. 
  • No abusive language or actions shall be permitted. Vendors will reasonably conduct themselves. 
  • The Downtown Austin Alliance reserves the right to remove any vendor and/or staff who is objectionable or who creates a disturbance. 
  • Neither the Downtown Austin Alliance nor anyone associated with the Holiday Stroll are responsible for any accidents resulting from tents or other materials used in vendor booths. 
  • All costs associated with replacing, repairing or cleaning any property damaged by the vendor during the event will be billed to the vendor. 
  • All costs associated with replacing, repairing or cleaning any property which has been damaged by the vendor during the event will be billed to the vendor. 
  • Hazardous materials may not be brought onto or stored on the premises without obtaining written permission from the Downtown Austin Alliance. Permission will not be given unless such material is properly stored in appropriate containers (i.e. flammable liquid cabinet). Hazardous materials are defined as but are not limited to, flammable liquids, combustible metals, cryogenic, oxidizing agents, pressurized gases, flammable solids, liquefied gases, radioactive materials, and explosives. 
  • Booth fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Booth payment is due within 3 days of notification. Payments not received in that timeframe are subject to booth cancellation. 



About the XOXO Downtown Austin Campaign

The Downtown Austin Alliance aims to bring and keep people downtown. To create a sense of belonging. To make Downtown a place where everyone is welcome because of the unique perspectives each one of us brings to our city.  

Our job is to empower you to  build a vibrant, connected, authentic community in Downtown Austin. We’ll do our part by connecting people with opportunities to get involved.  

XOXO Downtown Austin is a place-love campaign to bring Austinites and downtown back together.  

About the Fellowship

  • The application will be open for up to 3 weeks starting July 15, 2024
  • Within two weeks of the application closing, applicants will be evaluated and selected for interviews based on the evaluations. 
  • You must be available for an interview to be selected for the program. 
  • Five to six applicants will be selected as fellows for the 2024 calendar year.
  • Each fellow will receive a $1200 stipend
  • Each fellowship will last 6-weeks during 2024 with rolling beginning and completion dates. 
  • Fellows will meet with a mentor for a one-hour shooting session and a two-hour editing session 
  • Fellows will have regular check-ins with Downtown Austin Alliance staff
  • At the end of the fellowship, fellows will have produced at least 12 high-quality photos to be used in the XOXO advertising campaigns with credits to the photographer.
Ends on $25.00


Downtown Austin Space Activation Artist Residency Program presented by Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation in partnership with Tribeza

Are you an artist looking for a vibrant space to ignite your creativity? The Downtown Austin Space Activation (DASA) Program invites artists to breathe new life into vacant or underutilized spaces downtown. In collaboration with property owners, local businesses, and community stakeholders, DASA aims to transform these spaces into dynamic hubs of artistic expression, foot traffic, and economic vibrancy.

Our artist residency program offers a unique opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in a supportive and inspiring environment. Whether you're a painter, sculptor, photographer, or mixed-media artist, DASA provides the perfect space to focus on your creative practice, develop new work, and engage with a diverse community of artists and cultural enthusiasts.

Join us in this inaugural program enhancing the aesthetic appeal of downtown Austin while nurturing entrepreneurship and creativity. 

Apply now to be part of this exciting opportunity to make your mark on the vibrant cultural landscape of our city.

Application Deadline: August 1st 

Residency Duration: 6 weeks  

Location: 506 Congress Ave, Austin Texas 78701

Available Spots: 16 


  • Week 1: Move in
  • Weeks 2-4: Create works based on given themes
  • Week 5: Present works within the residency space
  • Week 6: Move out


  • Window 1: August 19th - September 30th
  • Window 2: October 21st - December 2nd
  • Window 3: December 16th - January 27th
  • Window 4: February 10th - March 24th

RESIDENCY FEE: The DASA Residency has a fee of up to $400, with each studio space priced according to square footage. This covers the cost of 24/7 studio space. Please see below for the maximum fees for each space:

Studio Space 1: $400
                            3'-6" x 11'-4" Private studio (by the kitchen)

Studio Space 2: $400
                              6' x 12' Private studio (in the back)

Studio Space 3: $300
                   16' x 8' Shared studio space           

Studio Space 4: $300
                   16' x 8' Shared studio space


PERCENTAGE OF SALES: During your residency, you will have the option to display artworks for sale to retail traffic. We retain a small percentage of sales to facilitate the future of the DASA program. This percentage will not exceed 30%.

STUDIO SPACE, RESOURCES AND ARTIST BENEFITS: This artist residency provides you with a dedicated studio space, as well as the following benefits:

  • Digital, print and social media promotion to uplift the artists and residency program through partnership with Tribeza.
  • Dedicated time and space to focus on your artistic practice
  • Access to resources and facilities at DASA Residency spaces
  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking
  • Professional development and mentorship over one year
  • Contribution to the proof of concept for future programming
  • Exposure to new ideas, cultures, and experiences

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Many residency programs emphasize community engagement, providing opportunities for artists to interact with fellow residents, local artists, and the broader community. This may include artist talks, open studios, workshops, and collaborative projects that foster dialogue and exchange. Artist cohorts will have the opportunity to engage in a year of opportunities with future DAA projects.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Residency programs often offer professional development opportunities, such as mentorship, critiques, and workshops, to help artists refine their skills, expand their networks, and advance their artistic careers.


During each 6-week window, artists are expected to create work to include in a public closing exhibition, performance, or presentation. This presentation will be a group showcase featuring contributions from artists in residence who have been working in the DASA space concurrently. The artwork will be on display in the DASA rotating gallery until the next cycle of artists have completed their residency.

RESIDENCY THEMES: Keeping in line with DAA’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan priorities, each group showcase will be curated on one of the following themes:

  • Mental Health (Clean and Safe, Public Safety): Creating inviting public spaces in downtown Austin is crucial for fostering community engagement, boosting the economy, and promoting mental well-being. Prioritizing inclusivity and safety enhances downtown's vibrancy while benefiting the mental health of residents and visitors.
  • Built Environment: The built environment refers to human-made surroundings that provide us with places to live, work, and relax. It encompasses everything from individual buildings and houses to entire cities and transportation systems.
  • Multi-modal (Mobility): Mobility includes everything from buses and bikes to walking and driving. A well-designed city makes it easy and efficient to reach your destination, reducing traffic and pollution, and making the city a more enjoyable place to be.
  • Importance of Arts, Culture, and Community (Active Urbanism): Integrating arts and cultural activities into urban design enhances the overall experience and fosters community engagement. Public art installations, street performances, cultural festivals, and creative placemaking initiatives breathe life into urban areas, encouraging people to explore and interact with their surroundings. Arts and culture contribute to a sense of identity, social cohesion, and economic vitality, making cities more livable and dynamic for residents and visitors alike.
  • Future of Downtown: The annual State of Downtown report is a market snapshot illustrating downtown’s central role as Austin’s economic, governmental, and cultural center. This report provides benchmark data on Austin’s most important economic sectors, including real estate development, office and employment statistics, residential analysis, tourism, safety, parks and placemaking, homelessness, and mobility downtown while sharing our accomplishments and priorities for the next few years.

To learn more about the Downtown Austin Alliance, please visit https://downtownaustin.com/about-us/.


Downtown Austin Alliance