DASA Community Activator

The Downtown Austin Space Activation (DASA) Program is designed to breathe new life into vacant or underutilized spaces downtown. By partnering with property owners, local businesses, and community stakeholders, this program seeks to create dynamic spaces that not only attract foot traffic but also stimulate economic activity, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of downtown, and providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and creativity to flourish.

Activation programming typically refers to the planning, coordination, and execution of a series of events, initiatives, or campaigns designed to engage, excite, or "activate" a specific audience or community.

The emphasis is on fostering interaction, creativity, and connection among participants utilizing our DASA program. Whether it's themed exhibitions, live performances, hands-on workshops, or community gatherings, activations programming seeks to enliven public spaces, generate buzz, and leave a lasting impact on both individuals and the community as a whole.

DASA Objectives 

Revitalize Downtown

Transform vacant storefronts into vibrant hubs. Revitalize commercial corridors and main streets.

Support Local Businesses

Provide affordable and flexible spaces for entrepreneurs, artisans, and small businesses to showcase their offerings. Help them establish a presence and grow customer bases.

Catalyze Economic Growth

Stimulate spending and investment in our local economy. Attract patrons to explore an array of downtown spaces.

Foster Community Engagement

Create gathering spaces. Promote social interaction, cultural exchanges, and civic pride. Strengthen a sense of belonging and connection.

Proposal for community programming. A complete proposal will include:

  1. A clear description of your workshop/class/program concept
  2. Tentative run of show
  3. A description of how your program aligns with the DASA objectives

Space Specifics

  • Central space Downtown
  • indoor & outdoor spaces 
  • Capacity between 200-3,000
  • Multi-use spaces 
  • Bathroom and water access

Fee structure

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Activator:    $250 per day + Refundable $150 Deposit 

For-Profit Activator:                 $350 per day + Refundable $150 Deposit  

***If you are a for-profit or non-profit organization that makes over $250,000 annually with proof of 990 forms you are subject to rate adjustments***


Site visits are available for all locations upon request

506 Congress Ave 

 2,000 sq ft

Capacity- up to 150 

506 Congress 

506 Congress 

506 Congress 


506 Congress 


Central Presbyterian Church 

200 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701

Sanctuary capacity- 350

Beer and wine are permitted

Central Presbyterian church sanctuary  

Central Presbyterian church  

Central Presbyterian church  

Other locations available for activation

The Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation either manages or is directly in contact with the management of the following areas. These areas are available for activation pending approval.

  1. Old Bakery Emporium 
  2. 301 Congress Porch 
  3. Republic Square  (Republic Square is subject to its own guidelines and separate applications for rentals. Please refer to the Event Guide for more information.)






We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.